Creative and Production

We'll work with you to showcase your products and generate new customers  

​​ Marketing and Promotion Expertise That Works

Our goal is to provide the guidance, connections and execution to launch, grow and reinvigorate businesses of all sizes.  We work with your team to deliver results based on extensive industry experience.

Having served large corporations in former careers with great success, our network of resources apply their skills to your individual program needs.

Each member of the team has a minimum of 10 years experience in their respective fields, from office assistant to president.  This experience informs our best practices approach to marketing and puts them to work for you.  

​Consider us your 'in-house marketing department' (without the expensive overhead!)

Our team is lean. This means you have service and results without the high cost of unnecessary overhead. Your advertising dollars go directly into marketing your program..

Experience That Works for You


We'll help you design and implement the best e-commerce strategy  for your organization .

In our careers as senior level marketing professionals, we have made millions of dollars for the companies that we have worked for.  With our extensive background and years of marketing experience, you can have proven expertise and laser sharp focus on your marketing efforts.  Avoid costly mistakes and unfocused strategy.  Now it’s time to let us help you bring profits to your marketing programs.  Proven.  Established. 

Responsive Service.  Impressive Results.  Contact the Kitanna Group today!


We will work with you to develop and increase brand strength and awareness.  

                    Responsive Service.  Impressive Results. 

​​Direct Response

Complete full service resources including production, media, analytics, call center support and more.