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        The Home Shopping business is like no other business in the world. 

     While this unique business model can move significant      product volume, it can be nearly impossible to navigate for the supplier.   Our mission is to help steer the vendor through the maze that is home shopping, ultimately building and sustaining highly-productive businesses.  Our team has nearly 75 years of experience working in this category. 

The buyers at the home shopping networks are inundated daily with requests for meetings from    inventors and businesses worldwide.  It can take            months to secure a meeting, and several more to get on air (if the product is deemed viable for the shopping format).  9 out of 10 of these “starts” fail to generate enough sales volume to be brought back.


Why Use Us?

 The “nuances and language” of QVC are varied and we speak the dialect – knowing what host is most suited to the product, timing and amount of inventory, re-packaging of inventory, returns process and procedure, compliance issues are just the start.  But more importantly, the on air logistics are what make or break a campaign.  Our experience in this field has generated a 9 out of 10 success rate for our clients.  Experience in this industry makes a tremendous difference to the bottom line and the ability to be ‘invited back’ and air on premier timeslots.   Yes, anyone can try to go directly to go to QVC and try to get on air; but it will take months and even if you get on air, the likelihood of success is less than 10%.


     We provide:

  •  Product Creation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Legal Claims Substantiation
  • Quality Assurance
  • On-Air Support and Execution
  • On-Air Sales Training & Rehearsal
  • Multi-channel Sales Strategy
  • Leverage Experience & Contacts
  • Extensive Feedback
  • On-Air Schedule Management
  • Logistic Advice and Contacts