Experience That Works for You

Call Centers

We work with several centers across the county and assist with negotiating contracts, pricing and services.  


​We consider this one of the most important steps in a campaign -- scripts that promote unique selling features and stunning visuals create demand for your program.

Retail placement /promotion

Retail Distribution Planning, placement and promotion are key success factors.  Lets talk about how to get the most from retail campaigns..

Customer Service

Being on the 'front line' with the customer requires extensive training, a good knowledge base of policy issues , and a love for the product.  Balancing the cost of call centers and great customer service is not always easy.  Put our extensive experience to work for you. 

Media Services

Whether its general advertising or the science and gut of direct response, our media team puts every penny to use to ensure cost effectiveness.


Just starting out? Need to refresh a tired look?  Branding is the face of any company -- the first thing a customer sees.  We make you look good from the start.

Home Shopping

Home shopping is like no other business in the world.  And while the business model is unique, the maze of nuances can be nearly impossible to navigate.  Our experts have nearly 75 years experience in creating successful on air shopping campaigns. 

                    Responsive Service.  Impressive Results. 


Social Media, re-targeting, Facebook, SEO -- the language of digital promotion is spoken here...we work with you to find the right strategy between 'what's nice to have' and 'what drives sales and the brand'.